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Meet the Teacher Training Team

Judith Kidd (back row, far left)

Role: Director, Dixons Centre for Growth

Time with Dixons: generations, in numerous roles

Background: Studied English and history at the University of Leeds, trained as a teacher at the same university and taught in Leeds before joining Dixons City Academy as a head of department. Still has a passion for history, curriculum design and classroom practice; works more broadly now to develop the craft of teaching, talent development and leadership across our trust and beyond.

"Working with trainees is and always has been one of the most rewarding privileges of my work in schools. Not only do teachers get to share their expertise and passion for teaching with trainees but they actively support them to find their own teacher identity and thrive in the best job in the world!"

Natasha Raheem (back row, second from the left)

Role: Assistant Vice Principal, Dixons Centre for Growth

Time with Dixons: I joined Dixons as assistant principal at Dixons City Academy in 2016

Background: I studied English and French at the University of Warwick and I completed my PGCE and Master of Arts in Education with QTS at Durham University. My teaching career began in London and I took on various leadership responsibilities. In 2016, I joined Dixons City Academy as assistant principal responsible for teaching and learning, literacy and professional development. I then joined Dixons Centre for Growth as assistant vice principal in 2019. As part of this role, I lead the Dixons Academies Trust School Direct programme and deliver professional development courses to staff across our trust. I'm especially passionate about talent first and value aspects of professional development which enable colleagues of all backgrounds and levels of experience to thrive. I continue to teach English at Dixons City Academy and I am particularly interested in evidence informed approaches to maximise student progress so students feel happy, confident and fulfil their potential.

"It is an absolute honour to work with our early career teachers and be part of their journey at every stage of their career. Every year, I continue to be impressed by the determination, passion and absolute commitment of our trainees to making a difference where it matters the most. Our team of mentors are amazing and provide inspiration and excellent support for our trainees. Teaching is the best job in the world, and I feel privileged to be able to share this with the next generation of teachers."

Sarah Cowley (back row, furthest on the right)

Role: Senior Administrator, Dixons Centre for Growth

Time with Dixons: I joined Dixons in 2018

Background: After working for Hallmark Cards for 10 years working across Scotland and the North West, I went on to join Dixons City Academy as library services lead in 2018 and I'm now in the third year of my role with the Centre for Growth.

I deal with the enquiries and applications for ITT as well as undertaking other tasks including updating the website and creating social media material for our teacher training accounts. I support Natasha in the day to day workings of the ITT programme as well as being a main point of contact for our current trainees.

"I really enjoy usually being the first point of contact for those interested in training to teach with Dixons and I get great pleasure from seeing enquirers progress to applicants, and if successful, onto eventually becoming teachers!”

I completed a CIPD level 7 qualification (personnel management), at Leeds Beckett University after initially studying politics at Lancaster University as an Undergraduate.

I've worked in various HR and training head office roles as well as retail management.

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