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What to expect during your training

The Dixons ITT curriculum aims to develop trainee teachers’ skills and knowledge in 6 core areas: behaviour and relationships, pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, inclusion and professional behaviours.

The curriculum is intelligently sequenced and, through revisiting and reteaching key content, trainees are supported in developing strong mental models of teaching. Dixons trainees learn about Dixons specific approaches and also the wider educational landscape, supporting trainees to shape their teacher identity. Our ITT curriculum is regularly reviewed and updated so training is impactful, innovative and supportive.

Our curriculum is taught through: regular training at the Centre for Growth; professional studies in individual academies; expert teacher support and guidance in weekly mentor meetings and weekly subject knowledge and applied pedagogy (SKAP) sessions. A key feature of our training is deliberate practice and this helps trainees to bridge the gap between knowledge and application so trainees make faster progress and gain in confidence. All our sessions draw on high quality research and our curriculum is led and delivered by a range of expert teachers and leaders from across our trust, including Bradford Research School. Trainees are encouraged to adopt a critical lens when reviewing evidence and consider the rationale and implementation of different approaches. Trainees also experience impactful and evidence informed daily training whilst on placement. 

To retain great teachers within Dixons Academies Trust and within the sector, we have incorporated the teaching of maximising resilience and self-regulation skills into our curriculum so trainees establish healthy habits at the very start of their teaching career. Diversity is also a defining feature of our curriculum; we want the next generation of teachers to understand their role in ensuring everyone belongs.

The knowledge and skills developed during the training year is consolidated and further developed through the Early Career Framework2. Many of our trainees remain within Dixons Academies Trust as early career teachers so we are with our trainees at every step of their career.

We also offer fantastic employment opportunities and the majority of our trainees last year secured jobs within our trust. Several of our Dixons Teacher Training alumni are now successful middle leaders. Finally, by training with us, you will begin a journey of continuous professional development and be supported at every step of your career.

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