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Top tips from our trainees

Every day, you’ll get the chance to inspire young people, use your skills to give something back and close the social and educational disadvantage gap in the North.

Explore this section to find out what a career in teaching could offer you and to find out some top tips from our current trainees.

Sofiyah, Career changer and design and technology trainee

"Make sure you take time to build relationships with other trainees and create a support network around you. Don't be afraid to ask for help, the Dixons team will help you find solutions in a caring and compassionate way."

Munazzah, English trainee

"Training to teach is the best choice you will make and you will quickly realise why you decided to embark on this journey. It really helps if you are passionate about your subject, so make sure that you take the time to work on your subject knowledge."

Daniel, Music trainee, and a former Dixons City Academy student

"My main tip to thrive during your training year is to ask your mentor questions and get as much support as you can from them."

Faiza, Science trainee and a mother of four children

"Always remember you are not alone and when things get tough, seek help. There is always help and support from everyone at Dixons."

Kirsty, Languages trainee

"When applying, you really need to consider if you are aligned with Dixons Academies Trust’s mission and values. The trust is relentless in providing a wealth of opportunities for its students to challenge social and educational disadvantage. Dixons wants to see that you are as values-driven and as aligned to the mission as they are."

Lucy, MFL trainee, and a former Dixons City Academy student

"My top tip for any trainees or applicants would be to stay organised from the beginning and balance your workload by managing your time. It is normal to sometimes feel overwhelmed, especially for anyone who is new to the profession, so being prepared is important."

Natalie, Geography trainee

"It is important to remember that this is your training year – it is not possible to become the outstanding teacher you want to be immediately. However, by training with Dixons Academies Trust, I have been given the best possible guidance and support to help me to become the best teacher I can be."

Sumbal, Science trainee

"Teaching is honestly the greatest job in the world and it will continue to shape and develop me as a person. When I’m standing in front of a class, I am teaching more than a topic, I’m teaching students to be better people, to be resilient, confident and take pride in everything they do."

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