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High quality leadership empowers teachers to teach and enables students to learn. Many of our academy leaders are home-grown and we work hard to retain and develop our very best talent. We also recruit leaders externally who align closely with our mission and values. Our principals' main focus is to improve the life chances of their own students. They work with the support of other principals and our executive, and also in partnership with them for the good of all Dixons students and staff across our trust.

Luke Sparkes

Chief Executive

Neil Miley

Deputy Chief Executive: Education

Amanda Bailey

Programme Director

Alistair Burg-Broquere

Executive Director: Estates and Capital

Tahmina Jahan

Executive Director: Communications

Faizal Musa

Chief People Officer

Tom Rennie

Executive Director: Business Services

Mark Harrison

Executive Director: Manchester and Liverpool

Clare Skelding

Executive Director: Bradford and Leeds

Jenny Thompson

Executive Director: Development

Natalie Brookshaw

Executive Principal, Centre for Growth

Danny Carr

Executive Principal, Dixons Allerton Academy

Justine Oldham

Executive Principal, Primary

Jason Patterson

Executive Principal and Principal, Dixons Trinity Chapeltown

Mark Rothery

Executive Principal, Dixons Sixth Form Academy

Judith Kidd

Director, Dixons Centre for Growth

Iain Duggan

Principal, Dixons Croxteth Academy

Rachael Fidler

Principal, Dixons Broadgreen Academy

Stephen Garvey

Principal, Dixons Newall Green Academy

Rebecca Greenwood

Principal, Dixons Marchbank Primary

Emma Hickey

Head of Secondary, Dixons Trinity Chapeltown Academy

Fran Hitch

Principal, Dixons Cottingley Academy

Ash Jacobs

Principal, Dixons Unity Academy

Kat Lang

Principal, Dixons McMillan Academy

Terri Leighton

Principal, Dixons Manningham Primary

Raouf Mohammed

Principal, Dixons City Academy

Angelique O'Garo

Head of Primary, Dixons Trinity Chapeltown

Matt Sanderson

Head of Secondary, Dixons Allerton Academy

Emma Steele

Principal, Dixons Trinity Academy and Dixons Music Primary

Chris Wilson

Principal, Dixons Fazakerley Academy

Richard Wilson

Principal, Dixons Kings Academy

Kristy Gardner

Head of School, Dixons Brooklands Academy

Aaron Metcalfe

Head of Primary, Dixons Allerton Academy

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