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The Lord Kalms Bursary

Lord Kalms Dixons Carphone Bursary

Lord Kalms of Edgware has kindly arranged a bursary to tour trust in the sum of £25,000 per annum for the next 4 years. As the original sponsor of Dixons City Academy in 1990, Lord Kalms has always shown a great interest in our trust and its academies. The theatre at Dixons City was named after him in recognition of his financial contributions over the years. He has on a number of occasions hosted visits from Post 16 students who have been lucky enough to dine with him in the House of Lords and to attend Prime Minister’s Question Time. Over the years too, he has provided financial support to our students for a variety of activities including:

  • volunteering work at a national/international level
  • postgraduate academic study e.g. master's degree or diploma
  • county or national representation in a sport
  • advanced study in the performing arts

To apply for a grant from the bursary you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must not be in full time employment.
  • Any further academic study must relate to future career aspirations.
  • You must be willing to provide a formal written or oral presentation to the college upon completion.

The bursary is available to both past and current students.

Applicants can apply for up to £1,000 (maximum) in any one year. Supporting documentary evidence will be required before any funds can be released. Generally, successful applicants will be paid in two installments of £500: one payment once the bursary has been agreed and a second payment six months later which the applicant must claim for; again documentary evidence will be required. To apply, please email the trust administrator on info@dixonsat.com providing your name, address and contact telephone number outlining the nature of your request in full.

All applications will be considered by the executive team at our trustt and they will make the final decision as to which applications are successful.

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