We are currently reviewing and centralising our Trust policies which are deployed across all our academies.  These are being added to this page as they are ratified by our Trustees.  Individual academy policies e.g. student attendance, behaviour etc can be found in the About sections of the individual academy's websites.  If the policy you require is not here, it is most likely under review, so please contact us.  

Absence Monitoring (PDF)
Anti Bullying (PDF)
Appraisal (PDF)
Attendance - Student (PDF)
Attendance - Student Coronavirus Addendum (PDF)
Behaviour (PDF)
Behaviour Policy Coronavirus Addendum (PDF)
Business Continuity and Critical Incident (PDF)
Care and Control of Students (PDF)
Careers (PDF)
Capability Policy (PDF)
Charging and Remissions (PDF)
Child Goes Missing or Absconds (PDF)
Child Missing in Education (PDF)
Child Protection and Safeguarding (PDF)
Child Protection and Safeguarding Addendum September 2020 (PDF)
Complaints Procedure (PDF)
DBS and Vetting (PDF)
Dealing with Allegations of Abuse Against Staff (PDF)
Disciplinary (PDF)
Educational Visits (PDF)
Equality and Diversity (PDF)
Exclusion (PDF)
Exclusion Coronavirus Addendum (PDF)
Finance (PDF)
Fixed Asset (PDF)
Flexible Working (PDF)
Freedom of Information (PDF)
Gifts and Hospitality (PDF)
Grievance (PDF)
Health and Safety (PDF)
Infection Control Procedure (PDF)
Intimate Care Policy (PDF)
Looked After Children (Designated Teacher) (PDF)
Maternity, Paternity, Adoption, Parental & Shared Parental Leave (PDF)
Medical Conditions (PDF)
Newly Qualified Teacher (PDF)
Pay (PDF)
Premises Management (PDF)
Professional Conduct (PDF)
Protection of Biometric Information (PDF)
Record Management (PDF)
Redundancy Policy (PDF)
Relationships and Sex Education (PDF)
Risk Management (PDF)
Safer Recruitment Selection (PDF)
Staff Leave of Absence (PDF)
Stress Management (PDF)
Surveillance and CCTV (PDF)
Tendering and Procurement (PDF)
Whistleblowing (PDF)

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