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Dixons Academies Trust

Our priorities

Armed with a thorough unbiased understanding of where our schools stand and what has been driving their performance, alongside riding the right trends, we can focus on what it would take to get even better. At Dixons, we start this process by developing a 2-to-5-year master plan which outlines the expected trajectory in 4 simple sequential steps.

Every big move leads to an update of the expected trajectory of the school

Our 2-to-5-year masterplan

  1. Build financial and talent capacity to ensure consistently high standards across our academies in Bradford and Leeds
  2. Move to Liverpool and Manchester to build a NW hub
  3. Make the Dixons Teaching Institute the go-to place for our academies and the inspiration for the crafting of school culture nationally and internationally
  4. Provide education to 20,000 students across the north
  5. Develop the OpenSource+ offer

This plan is kept at the front and centre of all our strategy sessions and is one that can be adjusted if we change initiatives, priorities, and big moves. Big moves are breakout opportunities that are ‘hard to reverse’. Think of them as the things the next management team will have to take as givens.

Our current big moves

  1. Strengthen sense of belonging
  2. Target educational capacity
  3. Establish programmatic merger and acquisitions
  4. Reinvent shared services

Learn more about our approach to strategic planning on the Dixons OpenSource YouTube channel. Below is the first in our series of videos on the subject of big moves.

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