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Why our trainees chose to train with Dixons

"I chose to train with Dixons because I was completely aligned with the values. As well as this, I did some research and found that the trust has always performed extremely well which was important as Dixons schools are based in disadvantaged areas. I wanted to make a difference and it seemed like Dixons was the best way to do this." Husnain, Science trainee
"As I grew up in Bradford, I wanted the children of Bradford to appreciate education and understand the different doors it can open for them. I hoped that the passion and enthusiasm I had for my subject would ignite joy in students and allow them to appreciate coming into my classroom and learning." Munazzah, English trainee
"As a previous student of a Dixons academy, my aim was always to come back to Bradford and train with them. I felt like I owed it to the children of Bradford to draw on my experiences and be a positive role model. I knew that Dixons was a growing trust with a fantastic reputation and I wanted to be a part of something special." Bradley, English trainee
"The Dixons Teacher Training team have been very helpful and have ensured that the training process is not too overwhelming as well as always reassuring us that they are there to support us whenever we need it."

Watch these short videos to find out why our trainees chose to train with Dixons

Sofiyah worked for the NHS before she decided that she wanted to teach design and technology and her love of product design meant that D&T was the perfect subject.

Molly wanted to fight educational injustice and believed that training to teach with Dixons would help her to do that.

Danish felt that having two placements in different academies allowed for the chance to build a career with Dixons after completing the teacher training course.

The healthy habits that were developed during the training year with Dixons have allowed Saarah to now enjoy teaching every day.

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