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Performing arts

Many of our academies have successfully demonstrated the vital role that music and performing arts can play in students’ learning. Our founding school, Dixons City Academy, is a specialist performing arts academy that has a long history of outstanding music making. Several concerts each year showcase a wide variety of ensembles and performance to a particularly high standard. A most memorable highlight was Dixons City’s 25 year anniversary at St George’s Hall, with former staff and students returning to participate. More recently, students from our across our trust come together in collaborative concerts including massed choirs. As an indicator of our commitment to music education, we have a director of music who leads this collaboration across our trust, supporting specialist music teachers and providing workshop opportunities. Our talented team of peripatetic staff also work across several Dixons academies, inspiring our students and promoting a love of music.

In 2012, we opened Dixons Music Primary, a school that is dedicated to using music education to raise standards of student achievement, self-discipline and oracy. At this academy, singing is used to develop oracy, performance is used to develop confidence and character. Every student is encouraged to learn an instrument and this is a fundamental element of learning at the school.

Dixons Music Primary

At Dixons Music Primary, we use music to raise standards of achievement in reading, writing and mathematics. It is also at the heart of a joyful and disciplined school culture.

Singing is used to develop oracy. Performance is used to develop confidence and character. Learning to read music helps to accelerate literacy and numeracy. Ensemble is used to promote interaction and co-operation. Instrumental work develops co-ordination and fine motor skills.

At Dixons Music Primary, we have tried to take the best ideas from academies, schools, the independent sector and abroad. Music helps our students to develop self-discipline and a growth mindset - to climb the mountain to university, succeed when they get there, thrive in a top job and have a great life. A step up that mountain every day; a little bit of progress every day.

Every week, each student receives instrumental, vocal and ensemble tuition in a mixture of small and large group tuition which is delivered by specialist music teachers.

During their music lessons, children learn technical, musical and performance skills.

All students have performing arts lessons each week where they work together to showcase their skills in performances throughout the year.

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