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At Dixons, we have tried to take the best ideas from academies, schools, the independent sector and abroad and combine them with what we know works from our own past experiences. We don’t believe in off-the-shelf strategies or practices; there is no silver bullet. It is about being values driven, having clear vision, focusing relentlessly on results, operating strict routines, doing the simple things well every day, and building strong relationships at all levels.

Our approach instils strong learning habits ultimately helping students become better qualified, more successful and happier. We expect students to follow homework and equipment rules, wear uniform with pride and always be ‘on task’, fully engaged and ready to learn and we are always grateful for how much our families support with this.

Of course, no school is better than the quality of its teachers; however, there is only so much that even the best teacher can do to help students who have low aspirations and poor learning habits. Conversely, create a truly aspirational culture with extremely high expectations and all teachers can secure exceptional outcomes for all students. What we have learnt from the best schools is the power of a vision-led culture – it is not a means to an end, but an end in itself.

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