As a regional centre of excellence and home of Bradford Research School, we provide high quality teacher training and professional development courses.  We share the latest educational research and evidence-informed insights with schools locally and nationally to advance highly effective practice amongst the wider teaching community.

At Dixons, we are passionate and unapologetic about our relentless focus on learning.  We invest heavily in teacher and leadership development and believe that everyone can continue to develop throughout their career.  

An NFER research study has highlighted Dixons Academies as a Trust with particularly high retention rates. Quite simply, Dixons teachers are happy to stay working in Dixons academies. One of the underlying reasons for this, according to researchers, is the availability of inspirational teachers and leaders who offer support at every step of your career.  In addition, Dixons teachers say that they have exciting opportunities for development - from co-planning or leading CPD to providing support for colleagues from other academies, or seeking a formal next step in your career. 

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Starting Out in your Career

Dixons teachers say that they value being part of a group of academies with similar values, priorities and systems.  Dixons NQT network allows new teachers to share effective practice with colleagues teaching your subject from across the Trust. As an RQT at Dixons you develop those network links further.  Supported by Bradford Research School you carry out evidence inspired action research with a group of students of your choice.

Primary NQT Network
Primary RQT Programme
Secondary NQT Network
Secondary RQT Programme

Leadership Development

What does a successful Dixons leader look like? 

Be inspired by successful leaders, find out what is needed to take your next career step and get support from a Dixons mentor on one of our leadership programmes. Here new and aspiring leaders share challenges, reflect on experiences and solve problems with their peers. 

Dixons Middle Leader Development Programme

Dixons Leading Learning Programme

Dixons NPQSL with Ambition Institute and Beckfoot Trust  Programme summary
NPQSL Application Form (speak to your CPD Lead prior to completion)
NPQSL Programme Details

Dixons Disiplined Inquiry Programme

Improving Learning Outcomes Beyond Your School 

Our expanding multi-academy trust and our status as a Teaching School and Research School bring responsibility and opportunity to improve life chances for children beyond your home academy.  You could lead a cross cutting team, mentor a colleague in another Dixons academy, facilitate a Teaching Institute programme, gain accreditation as a nationally recognised SLE or become an expert teacher or coach in your own academy.

If you are seeking further part-time education to enhance your career and research to improve outcomes for students, Dixons Teaching School may be able to support you in following a masters course. 

Our multi-academy structure also provides you with formal career opportunities that help you to progress and stay with Dixons, continuing to make a positive difference to the children of the region.  

National and local partners

We are proud to work with national and local partners with similar values and priorities as part of our professional development offer:     

Contact Dixons Teaching Institute team,, or speak to your Teaching and Learning leader if you are a Dixons teacher and interested in any further information.

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