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Continually inspiring and improving teaching practice through quality research and evidence based innovations, providing hands-on training, personal mentors and facilitating peer-to-peer networks. The Dixons Teaching Institute is a National Teaching School and much more. It supports Dixons teachers and leaders to be the best that they can be and make a difference where it is needed most.

Dixons Teaching Institute focuses development on what improves student outcomes and provides support and opportunities at every step of your career.  As a regional centre of excellence and home of Bradford Research School, we provide high quality teacher training and professional development courses.  We share the latest educational research and evidence-informed insights with schools locally and nationally to advance highly effective practice amongst the wider teaching community.

We are always learning. As an academy teacher or leader, you have the opportunity to deliver our programmes, thereby enhancing your own learning, developing your personal experience and enabling you to give back to the trust and teaching community.

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