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Kat Lang

Principal, Dixons McMillan Academy

Kat has been teaching English for over 12 years and has worked across Nottingham, Leeds and Bradford. Driven by her work initially as a respite foster carer, she is a qualified SENDCo (special educational needs co-ordinator), designated safeguarding leader, and holds SLE (specialist leader of education) status for English and SEND leadership. Additionally, she also holds the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL).

Kat joined Dixons McMillan as principal in January 2022. Prior to joining, Kat was the senior vice principal at Dixons Kings Academy.

At the start of her career, Kat worked at a range of specialist and PRU provisions (pupil referral units) as a key worker, before completing her PGCE at the University of Nottingham. Kat worked as an English teacher in Nottingham, before moving to an all-through school in Bradford. Starting there as a head of house, Kat progressed through a leadership programme into the role of SENDCo and then assistant director in 2014. In 2016, Kat became a director, with SEN responsibilities spanning the 3-18 provision. During that time, Kat secured a 20% improvement on English results and 100% A*-C at A-level in English Literature.

Kat joined Dixons Kings Academy in April 2018 as a vice principal, and was promoted to senior vice principal in December 2019. During her time at Dixons Kings, she has driven improvements in outcomes in the creative arts faculty (with drama results specifically improving by +0.6), overhauled the inclusive curriculum, culture and SEND provisions, led much improved outcomes in KS3 literacy and numeracy interventions and implemented changes to the whole school curriculum to ensure that it is rooted in the best powerful knowledge and carefully sequenced to embed that knowledge.

Kat believes that good results are a golden ticket to a positive future, and so she enables students to fulfil their potential by placing inclusive practice and good literacy at the heart of her work.