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Dixons Trinity

We are delighted to be welcoming you to Dixons Trinity / Music Primary Academy for our trust conference 2024.

Below you can find the following:

  • travelling to Dixons Trinity / Music Primary Academy
  • parking when you arrive
  • the full floor plan of the building
  • safety messages regarding fire and evacuation procedures
  • contacts for the day

Please ensure that you have read and fully understood the information detailed.

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Travelling to Dixons Trinity:
If using a Sat-Nav, please enter the following address and follow directions accordingly:

Dixons Trinity Academy
Trinity Road

If this postcode takes you to the rear of the building, please use BD5 0JD instead.

Parking at Dixons Trinity:
Parking on site will be restricted due to the volume of people. We urge you to car share to get to our academy.

Site map:
Below is a document that shows the full site map for Dixons Trinity and Dixons Music Primary. There are separate reception areas for Dixons Trinity Academy and Dixons Music Primary. Dixons Music Primary is accessed to the right of the building. Dixons Trinity is at the front of the building directly in front of you as you drive in. The perimeter gates are closed throughout the day, to gain entry, press the call button on the intercom to speak to the reception staff.

On leaving the car park the vehicle gates will automatically open as you approach them, do not drive past the STOP sign. On leaving premises via the pedestrian gate please press the grey button on the black post as you approach the gate, pull the pedestrian gate to exit.

Welcome to Dixons Trinity Academy Visitor Information

Fire and emergency evacuation plan:
In each room, there is an escape plan. Please make yourself familiar with this in case of an emergency. On hearing the re alarm bell, visitors should evacuate the building immediately. For Dixons Trinity Academy visitors, the safety meeting point is on the yard at the side of the building, see map above, and for Dixons Music Primary visitors the safety meeting point is on the field at the front of the building

Refreshments and food:
Please note that all dietary requirements will be catered for.

Contacts on the day:

A full list of FAQs can be found here.