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Dixons Academies Trust

Women in Education

An inspiring Programme for Dixons staff who identify as female to explore issues and research related to the female experience in the workplace.

What are the programme benefits?

This programme will inspire you to be 10% braver; you will join a network of female staff who explore issues around females in the workplace and learn to champion yourself and others, so that you can contribute to individual and organisational change.

Who is this programme suitable for?

This programme is suitable for Dixons staff that identify as female, no matter their career or life stage, who want to:

  • silence their inner critic, become more resilient and build their confidence
  • be inspired and get practical strategies for personal growth
  • look at what the research says about the female experience
  • join a peer network group to advocate for themselves and others
  • reflect honestly on their own experiences as part of a supportive group

Programme curriculum

The programme will include learning on:

  • strategies to silence the inner critic and promote resilience
  • building confidence to influence yourself and others to be 10% braver
  • common barriers and challenges that women face in the workplace and schools such as being a working mother, flexible working, menopause, fertility and biological issues, overcoming stereotypes including unconscious bias
  • managing microaggressions in schools
  • inspirational speaker stories from women in different career / life stages

What is the commitment?

The programme consists of six sessions which are delivered in a blended approach.

You can sign up to all of these or choose which ones to attend.

Next steps for Dixons staff

Please complete an expression of interest form or speak to your CPD lead.