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Dixons Unity Academy hosts prom wear hire event

Posted 20th May 2024

Dixons Unity Academy recently held a successful prom wear hire event for their Year 11 students and students from other academies in the local area where they could borrow an outfit, free of charge, for this year’s prom. The event was held in Unity's onsite social impact space, the Unity Community, and was open for local students from other academies due to the generous large volume of donations.

The academy know the cost of purchasing an outfit for prom can be a real burden for Year 11 students and their families, so the event aimed to remove barriers for students attending end of year ceremonies and aimed to remove the stigma around borrowing outfits.

Dixons Unity Academy are committed to aiding families through the cost-of-living crisis, but also to sustainability and to contributing to the rejection of fast fashion or single-use outfits by teaching students that hiring an outfit is a great idea.

A huge thank you to everyone across the community who donated and supported this cause. The kindness of others has made a significant difference in the lives of our students, allowing them to create lasting memories.

This story was covered by BBC Look North. Read more here.