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Dixons Academies Trust musical collaboration concert

Posted 11th July 2024

Dixons Academies Trust celebrated its first-ever cross-regional collaboration concert, held at the historic St George’s Hall in Bradford on 10 July. This spectacular event brought together over 360 talented students from Dixons academies across Bradford, Leeds, Manchester, and Liverpool for an evening of music and community.

The concert featured a wide array of performances, showcasing individual talents, ensemble groups, and choir collaborations. Highlights included music from Dixons Music Primary’s Choir, a Collaborative Soul Band, Dixons Allerton Academy Primary’s performing arts club and choir and a massed Collaborative Choir and Concert band Finale among many other impressive acts.

The concert was an opportunity for staff, students and families to come together and celebrate music and see a number of varied performances featuring lots of different music genres including classical, pop and musical.

“Our collaboration concert truly represents how being part of Dixons means our students and colleagues are part of something much bigger than their individual academies, we are part of one team who help each other grow and achieve what we want to achieve in life. Tonight has been incredible and I am bursting with pride as I'm sure you are as parents and carers.” Luke Sparkes, Chief Executive, Dixons Academies Trust.

Staff and students worked incredibly hard to prepare their performances and put a lot of work and effort into rehearsing. The collaboration concert was the result of a planning process that took almost 18 months, and was a chance to be united by music and bring students together with other like-minded musicians.

"We are incredibly proud of all of the brilliantly talented students who performed at the collaboration concert," said Tamsin Rafnsson, Director of Music, Dixons Academies Trust.

“We’re so thankful to our wonderful staff members who have spent hours arranging and rehearsing music with the groups of students, and for bringing everyone together to make this happen. It really was a fantastic evening and hopefully the first of many.”

Dixons Academies Trust remains committed to challenging educational and social disadvantage in the North, and to providing opportunities for students to celebrate their talents.