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Dixons Academies Trust

Consultation on admissions arrangements

Posted 11th November 2022

The Trust consulted on the admissions arrangements for the following academies, in line with the requirements of paragraph 1.45 of the School Admissions Code, which states that admission authorities must consult every 7 years even if there have been no changes.

  • Dixons Manningham Primary
  • Dixons Marchbank Primary
  • Dixons Trinity Chapeltown

The consultation began on Monday 14 November 2022 and ran until Friday 23 December 2022. The details were published on the Dixons Academies Trust website and the individual academy websites. Letters were also sent to stakeholders within the school community.

During that period, stakeholders were invited to express their feedback and let us know of any concerns about proposals for the 2024 Admissions Arrangements. The stakeholder span included parents, the academy community, local community and religious groups, hirers of space at the academy, local councillors, the Local Authority and if relevant the neighbouring authorities, the local community and other schools/academies.

There were no objections or points raised regarding the admissions procedures for September 2024 and the oversubscription criteria will remain as previously published.

Consultations also took place for the following academies, where the Trust was proposing to make changes to the current admission arrangements:

  • Dixons McMillan Academy
  • Dixons Music Primary Academy

For Dixons McMillan Academy, the proposal was for the removal of the use of fair-banding (at this Academy only) and random allocation as a criterion, and the introduction of prioritisation based on distance.

For Dixons Music Primary Academy, the proposal is for the removal of random allocation as a criterion, and the the introduction of prioritisation for children eligible for pupil premia and prioritisation based on distance.

The Trust decided in favour of the proposals to amend the arrangements; the full outcome of the consultation can be found below.