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Celebrating International Women's Day

Posted 8th March 2023

The Dixons Women in Education programme has been running for the past three years and aims to bring women across our trust together in a safe space to discuss the research and challenges related to the female experience in the workplace.

So far, the network have had access to podcasts and recordings and will be having their first Inspire workshop on Teams on Wednesday 8 March which coincides with International Women’s Day.

In the initial podcast there was a focus on surveying the national landscape of women in education. This was followed by a conversation about the female experience at Dixons. The conversation was with Natasha Raheem, Assistant Principal, Dixons Centre for Growth, Tamsin Rafnsson, Trust Assistant Principal, Director of Music, Faizal Musa, Chief People Officer and Sarah Cowley, Senior Administrator, Dixons Centre for Growth.

The Inspire workshop on Wednesday 8 March will follow up from a video released in January exploring the theme of gaining fulfilment. This is set against some research on self-determination theory, habits and resilience, and aims to explore the challenges that some women have in feeling fulfilment set against the backdrop of striving for work life harmony. During the Inspire network, women will have the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences and connect with others to share ideas and strategies to gain a greater sense of fulfilment.

Subsequent Inspire workshops and recordings will explore some of the following themes: being your authentic self; maintaining equilibrium with female health; silencing your inner critic; being seen and being heard; stepping into your power and managing microaggressions in the workplace. These will be led by a variety of inspirational colleagues and guests from across the Dixons Academies Trust.