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Dixons Academies Trust

A Centre for Growth for Dixons Academies

Posted 14th November 2022 by J Kidd

Dixons Academies Trust is delighted to announce the new name and reach of its professional development commitment: Dixons Centre for Growth.

Home to all Dixons professional development as well as Dixons DfE Behaviour Hub, Bradford Research School and the sector-leading Dixons Opensource, our name change acknowledges that, for us to be a healthy organisation, our professional training needs to embrace our whole team. We have chosen Dixons ‘Centre for Growth’ in recognition of our firm belief in Talent First and our commitment to continual professional growth for all Team Dixons.

Dixons Centre for Growth embodies our focus on growing our people, growing our organisation and growing our commitment to the sector.

In addition to our many professional development programmes for teachers at every step of their career, our Centre for Growth will develop programmes and pathways for our associate staff. We will grow our offer to encompass statutory, technical and behavioural development training for all roles.

The Centre for Growth plays a critical part in sustaining and developing the thinking that permeates our organisation: it shapes our working practice and defines our leadership. Our organisation is structured around our model of aligned autonomy; the success of this structure is dependent upon training and challenge, provided through our Centre for Growth, with and for our academies.

The Centre for Growth is the outward face of Dixons; we know that by growing our sector, we are serving our students and our colleagues but, importantly, also students and colleagues across the educational landscape: this is central to our Trust mission. Our work, with and for external partners, is a commitment to our sector; we share our work so all children succeed. This ambitious reach ensures we remain at the vanguard, alert to change and appreciative of challenge.