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We are more powerful when we work together. Collaborative planning across academies certainly saves Dixons teachers time but we also learn from each other. We have common aspirational Dixons Standards at KS3 as a foundation for high standard GCSE and a common framework for assessment without levels. Teachers in all key stages standardise and moderate together, cross cutting teams share subject development and Dixons CPD networks provide informal opportunities to exchange ideas.  Experienced teachers and leaders work with colleagues in our turnaround academies to provide the most effective learning environments for their children.

“I feel that being part of the wider Dixons Trust really benefits the children and teachers. There are many opportunities to share expertise and resources. Our children really enjoy being able to work with the older children and the older children love sharing stories with the younger ones in the primary classrooms.” Nicola Parry, Dixons Music Primary Academy.

“Having people who are in the same role or position as you is really valuable in the climate of change in education. Comparing our approaches leads us to evaluate and refine our own practice, and collaboration brings a great additional dimension to my work.” Jo Orton, Senior Vice Principal, Dixons City Academy.

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