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Dixons Academies Trust

Exemplary Leaders Programme

This is a ground-breaking and innovative new leadership programme brought to you by a consortium of high performing UK schools and the Leverage Leadership Institute in the United States.

Following the principles of Leverage Leadership, the Exemplary Leadership Programme will guide leaders in how to establish a strong school culture (routines and behaviour management), effective teaching, founded on direct instruction, and aspirational outcomes for pupils through a knowledge-rich curriculum. Training will follow a series of ‘see it, name it, do it’ cycles so that participants both explore the theory and are supported in its implementation in the context of their own school improvement priorities. The programme is deliberately designed to take advantage of the opportunities offered by online learning platforms. It removes the barriers imposed by geography and enables you to see a school in session through the eyes of an exemplary leader.

The programme is fully funded by the Department for Education for the first cohort and delivered by a consortium of partners:

  • Dixons Academies Trust and the Dixons Institute
  • Star Institute, the training and development arm of Star Academies
  • Leverage Leadership Institute, part of Relay Graduate School in the United States, an Uncommon Schools partner
  • Inspiration Trust
  • Outwood Grange Academies Trust

Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, author of Leverage Leadership and founder of Leverage Leadership Institute, defines day-to-day instruction as “observing classrooms, coaching teachers to make them better, leading or planning professional training for teachers, using data to drive instruction and evaluating teachers.” He describes this as ‘the most important work in the school building, in our society you could argue’ and says that in many schools this goes ‘unmanaged’.

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