Bradford Research School is one of  27 Research Schools - and 11 associate Research Schools - that form the Research Schools Network and provide evidence based professional development across the region. 

As a designated Research School, you are able to access the latest educational research and use these evidence based insights to shape and develop your own teaching practices as well as having the support and resources to carry out research to evaluate different ideas and innovations. We support further study and research, from the pursuit of a Masters in Expert Teaching or Professional Enquiry to action research which helps you to test out evidence informed strategies in your own classroom.

Research at Dixons Academies

Dixons Academies are working to give teachers and leaders the knowledge and expertise to access research evidence to inform their decision making.  We support this in several ways:

  • our curriculum planning is heavily influenced by what we know about how learning takes place, memory and retention
  • ensuring that our CPD and curriculum planning is informed by evidence, in content and design
  • several of our academies have journal reading groups
  • we support further study into teaching and education
  • Dixons teachers share their evidence informed teaching and leadership strategies
  • Dixons teachers also spotlight their practice with case studies and blog pieces for Bradford Research School

Often our policies and practices are explicitly based on meta-analyses or guidance reports, for example marking or our choice of literacy interventions.  In the careful consideration of the culture of Dixons academies, our leaders have visited the most successful schools nationally and internationally, read widely and adapted ideas carefully to our local context. 

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As a Research School we work with schools all over the region to share research and train teachers.  We are also supporting the work of the Bradford Opportunity Area and contributing to several of their key objectives.  We would be delighted to share our work with you in more detail or hear how you could support the work of Bradford Research School. 

Contact Mark Miller, Head of Bradford Research School for further information, 

Visit the Bradford Research School website for details of our courses and newsletter.

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