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A recent NFER research study highlighted Dixons Academies as a Trust with particularly high retention rates. Quite simply, Dixons teachers are happy to stay working in Dixons academies. One of the underlying reasons for this, according to researchers, is the availability of inspirational teachers and leaders who support you at every step of your career.

As an NQT and RQT you will develop relationships with fellow teachers from across Dixons. There will always be someone in an academy close-by to contact for advice or support. You will also have the opportunity to lead CPD or provide support for colleagues from other academies.

Dixons Teachers believe in the power of collaboration to share workload and to learn from each other. Dixons teachers co-plan schemes, set common assessments and standardise student responses.

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Primary NQT and RQT Programmes

Secondary NQT & RQT Programmes

National and local partners

We are proud to work with national and local partners with similar priorities as part of our professional development offer:

Contact Judith Kidd, or speak to your Teaching and Learning leader if you want to find out more.

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