Laura Senior


Principal, Dixons Macmillan Academy

Laura joined Dixons Academies in her second year of teaching in 2006 starting at Dixons City Academy’s English department. The following year she took on her first leadership responsibility as Assistant Head of English. Laura then became part of the School Improvement Group where she enjoyed trialling different teaching methods.

In 2010, Laura moved to Dixons Allerton Academy to lead the English department where she helped to secure rapid improvements. In 2012, Laura moved to Dixons Trinity Academy to become part of the Senior Leadership Group, leading English and Literacy across the school. She helped to secure outstanding levels of literacy skills across the academy which contributed to the Outstanding grading achieved in 2014.

In 2016, Laura joined Dixons McMillan Academy as Vice Principal for Teaching, CPD and Appraisal. This year, Laura has taken on the role of Head of Academy with a wider focus on maintaining the outstanding leadership at the academy. Her academy sentence is, ‘She challenged her scholars to question the world but never to question their potential.’ It represents her belief that teachers are pivotal in developing scholars’ self -belief and self-confidence.

Laura is an English and Philosophy graduate from Sheffield University. She has taught English Language and Literature at GCSE and Literature at A Level. She has been a regular guest speaker for the English PGCE course at Leeds University.